When saving an ARD flow, are the automation script files and tests saved for sharing?
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When saving an ARD flow, are the automation script files and tests saved for sharing?


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When saving an ARD flow diagram in ARD hub, these flow diagrams can be shared between users. 
How can test cases and automation script files (Feature Files) be shared.


Release : 3.2

Component : Modeling


A flow that has "Stored Path Type: Test Cases" will save these test cases with the flow. 
It makes no difference if the flow is saved as: 
Save As To TDM Repository
Save As To ARD Hub
Save As To File

If a user saves the flow and then retrieves the flow it also contains the test cases.
Feature Files (ALM automation scripts) is are part of ARD Automation. 
Automation configuration is stored in the file system as configured in Home -> Automation.
Manage automation configuration files.

When opening the example User_Registration.vtf flow that is available from the documentation in ARD:
Automation scripts examples.

In Path Explorer the following tests are shown:


These tests are still available after saving and retrieving the flow in ARD hub.
The Automation tab for a particular test shows: 



When clicking the refresh, the script is generated and can be saved: 


So eventhough the script file is not saved, the script can be generated.