How to SMP/E RECEIVE Broadcom Mainframe Software Maintenance to z/OS
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How to SMP/E RECEIVE Broadcom Mainframe Software Maintenance to z/OS


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ACF2 - z/OS ACF2 ACF2 - MISC Data Content Discovery Compliance Event Manager Advanced Authentication Mainframe Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP LDAP SERVER FOR Z/OS


No instructions were provided from Broadcom's Support Portal when downloading maintenance. How to download SMP/E RECEIVE  Broadcom Mainframe Software maintenance for z/OSMF to apply with Software Update?


Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


There are several ways to get Broadcom Mainframe Software maintenance to z/OS. Sites typically already have their preferred methods and defined procedures in place, so it is important to verify which method is already in place. Links to JCL and other examples are only samples and need to be modified for site use.

Option 1: Set up SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval. This is the option recommend by Broadcom Support as it is the most direct method of maintenance download. With this in place, there is no need to go into the support portal in order to download maintenance. There is some setup required. 

Option 2: Set up Create Service Order. Use the create service order online interface to order a maintenance package for Broadcom mainframe product solutions, download, and receive the maintenance in your environment.

Option 3: Download a PTF package(cart) from Broadcom Support Portal to your PC > FTP to Mainframe. See 'Download Broadcom PTF files and solutions' for details.