Dataquery password length of 12 characters and location of internal password?
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Dataquery password length of 12 characters and location of internal password?


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We run standard internal Dataquery security. In what DBID & Table & offsets can I find the offset where Dataquery obtains its OPID and password from? Can the password become 12 bytes long, as we are changing all our passwords from 8 characters to 12 characters?


Component : Datacom/DB


Here is the info about defining an internal password for Dataquery, based on the documentation:

(Optional) Enter a 1- to 9-character alphanumeric password. This field is used to assign an individual user password. It can consist of upper-case letters, numbers, and most special characters. The password cannot contain an embedded ' ' (space) or '/' (slash).

As you can see here, using internal security limits you to a nine-character password. In order to use the more advanced password capabilities–whether pass phrases or passwords longer than eight characters–you would need to implement Datacom external security. In addition, this is a static password that is not subject to most requirements of required changes ever 60 or 90 days. Since we provide the desired user security capabilities through Datacom external security, we will not be enhancing existing Dataquery code to support this.

Regarding your question about finding the existing user and password information, our current policy is that we can help you to retrieve/reset a password for a single user after getting approval from your management and our product management. We cannot provide the record details for this, as it is a significant security exposure to do that.

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As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.