UVMS to LDAPS does not work
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UVMS to LDAPS does not work


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


After import the ldaps server certificate to the UVMS keystore with below command:

unissl IMPORT -host hostname -port 636 -pwd pwd -type TRUSTEDSERVER -alias aliasname

The LDAP SSL connection fails with below error:

cannot connect to ldap server: javax.naming.CommunicationException: simple bind failed: hostname:636 [Root exception is java.net.SocketException: Connection or outbound has closed]
FAILURE Host: hostname configuration is KO


Release : 6.x

Component : Univiewer Management Server




The above error is fixed in Dollar Universe 6.10.101 which is available to download.

6.10.101 validation result

Note: The connectivity from UVMS server to LDAP Server should be enabled so that the certificate can be downloaded.

Command: unissl import -host LAB.LDAPSERVER -port 636 -pwd **** -type TRUSTEDSERVER -alias LDAPCA

Init log4j from: C:\Program Files (x86)\AUTOMIC\univiewer_server\LAB_UVMS_SERVER/data/log4j2.xml
Opening connection to LAB.LDAPSERVER:636...
The chain contains 2 certificate(s)

 1  Type:               CA Certificate
  Subject:            CN= LAB.LDAPSERVER, DC=####, DC=net
    Valid from:         02/08/2017
    Valid to:           02/08/2033
    Fingerprint (MD5):  C0:5C:B5:D4:B5:11:C8:F3:D3:EB:1F:94:9E:90:2D:9D
    Fingerprint (SHA1): CB:F2:37:79:0A:18:1E:AA:77:D8:B5:05:7B:A4:C7:95:F9:DB:0D:09
 2  Type:               Server Certificate
    Subject:            CN= LAB.LDAPSERVER
    Valid from:         09/06/2022
    Valid to:           08/06/2024
    Fingerprint (MD5):  9B:8B:39:F7:DA:99:C5:7C:81:13:3B:E2:29:30:05:F8
    Fingerprint (SHA1): 55:40:8A:55:E4:B3:4E:82:4D:48:D4:8C:B4:0B:1C:24:01:7A:8B:40

Enter the position of the certificate to add to the alias "LDAPCA" of the Keystore or 'q' to quit: [1]
Import successful