Altering SMTP defintions in OPTIONS/GROUPS member
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Altering SMTP defintions in OPTIONS/GROUPS member


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


I need to update some mail Destinations in the sysview OPTIONS parmlib member and the relevant email addresses in the GROUP member for Cics alerting.

I am trying to understand at what point this will take effect. I would rather not have to restart Sysview to do this.

Will a  F SYSVIEW,MODIFY SCFG do what I need.

IF it does is there any danger to it and what would happen to any cics regions that have sysview installed within them. Will they only pick up changes once they are recycled


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The emails can be changed dynamically from the main menu, chose the Admin Option 14, then Config Option 4, followed by Groups Option 3.  Or you can enter the command GROUPS to get to the same screen.   As long as the regions are started with a WARM start, the changes will remain in tact as they are pulled from the persistent datastore.   However, should a COLD START occur in the future the changes will be lost.   To avoid this, the **.CNM4BPRM(GROUPS) member should be updated as well.