Application version verification
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Application version verification


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Information Centric Analytics


How do you check the installed Information Centric Analytics (ICA) product version? Is there a way to get this information without opening the console or querying the database?


Release : 6.5.4

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The simplest method for determining the product version is to open the ICA console and locate the version displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the browser window:

Clicking on the product version will open the About Risk Fabric details view:

If the console is inaccessible, the product version can also be obtained by checking the product version of the file RiskFabric.Web.dll, which is installed by default in the following path:

%SystemDrive%\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Risk Fabric Server Web\bin

After navigating to this folder, right-click the file RiskFabric.Web.dll and select Properties, then select the Details tab.

The Product Version can also be queried via PowerShell by running the following command:

(Get-Item "C:\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Risk Fabric Server Web\bin\RiskFabric.Web.dll").VersionInfo.ProductVersion

Change the drive letter in this script if ICA was installed on a drive other than the system drive.

Application and database schema versions, including changes, are stored in the RiskFabric database and can be queried via SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). To do this:

  1. Open SSMS
  2. Connect to the Database Engine hosting the RiskFabric database
  3. From the File menu, select New > Query with Current Connection, or click the New Query button in the SQL Editor toolbar
  4. Copy the following query and paste it into the new query editor window:
    Use RiskFabric;
    SELECT * FROM Versions;
  5. Execute the query by pressing the F5 key, selecting Execute from the Query menu, or clicking the Execute button in the SQL Editor toolbar