OutOfMemory on opening Gel log messages for a single project instance
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OutOfMemory on opening Gel log messages for a single project instance


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Enabling Gel log level info on large processes and then opening messages for such a verbose process can bring the application server down with OOM.

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Create a large process GEL with iteration and add lots of gel:log entries for debug
  2. Email that iterates over all users and sends email - add entry to input each user email
  3. Now enable Process Engine Persistence Log Level in CSA to INFO
  4. Save and restart if Detect changes automatically wasn't checked
  5. Now start this process with your user
  6. Once it completes, go to Organizer - Processes - click on the icon for Messages for this instance

Expected Results: The page to open successfully and no added load on the application

Actual Results: the application fetches the entire messages list into an array in JVM which may bring the application down. The results should be paginated or retrieved differently. 


Release : 16.0.2


DE65642 , fixed in 16.0.3

Workaround: It's recommended to keep the logging to minimum and not set the process engine logging to INFO unless strictly necessary. If set to INFO, to make sure not to get too many messages.