Sizing function keys and using the 'Printer Terminal Is' command to print Gen blockmode screens in CICS
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Sizing function keys and using the 'Printer Terminal Is' command to print Gen blockmode screens in CICS


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Issues concerning printing Gen blockmode screens in CICS using PCOM session emulator.

1.  How to change printing size of screens (A4 versus A5)? 

2.  Use function keys to print the designed Gen screens without opening the screens to the client, using the 'Printer Terminal Is' command. 




Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Workstation Toolset


1.  Access CICS from the PCOM emulator and open a CICS session where your Gen application is running.  Adjust the keyboard keys to specify which key performs the print screen and from menu item File/Printer Setup specify where the print out be sent.  This includes a selection 'Print to Disk - Separate' and you can specify a location, which prints each selection of your chosen print screen key to separate file.     For further questions, consult IBM related to configuring this in PCOM for the CICS deployed session Gen applications. 

Given this is using IBM PCOM (Personal Communications), refer to IBM's documentation regarding printing sessions, this is the documentation for release 14 of PCOM as that is the release most recently tested with Gen:

Note -  The printing related to size and session is not specific to Gen applications, this is a question for the emulator owner, in this case the Gen supported emulator PCOM. 


2.   The 'Printer Terminal Is' command, placed within the Procedure Step, is only executed at the completion/end of a Procedure Step execution that contains the 'Printer Terminal Is' statement.  You cannot execute the 'Printer Terminal Is' command without an execution pass of the Procedure Step containing the 'Printer Terminal Is' command.   

'Printer Terminal Is' documentation: