Unable to log in to NetOps Portal after 21.2.12+ Upgrade
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Unable to log in to NetOps Portal after 21.2.12+ Upgrade


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


After upgrading to 21.2.12 or newer releases environments using alias host names for NetOps Portal web UI access may see problems logging in.

The browser will return to the login screen without logging into the web UI.

The browser will return to the login screen without producing an error.

This only affects environments using alias host names to access the NetOps Portal web UI.

There are no errors in the logs that show an obvious cause.


DX NetOps Performance Management releases 21.2.12 and newer


The following change from the 21.2.12 Fixed Issues documentation introduces this.

Symptom: Due to changes in NetOps Portal and the data aggregator to use Single Sign-On (SSO) service for authentication for all webservices, reverse proxy when using an external port no longer worked.
Resolution: With this fix, the Scheme for Data Sources and Port for Data Sources SsoConfig tool options and the Are you using a reverse proxy for Performance Center that only allows access from 1 port and Enter the port for Single Sign On for Data Sources SslConfig tool options have been added. These options configure the external SSO port/scheme separate from the internal SSO port/scheme that data sources and internal processes use to communicate with SSO.
For more information about these options, see Enable HTTPS for NetOps Portal.
(21.2.12, DE532016, 33041462)


Use the SsoConfig script to update the Web Site Host value to the alias host name in use. Ensure it's set using Remote Value.

The steps to do so are found on the Configure the Basic Security Settings Using the SSO Configuration Tool documentation topic.

Additional Information

Ensure there is no Local Override set with a different value for Web Site Host. If one is found use the reset option to reset it to blank.