Voice Tests/Assessments: Quick Reference
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Voice Tests/Assessments: Quick Reference


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What's the difference in between voice tests and voice assessments?


Comparing the different monitoring/testing methods by protocol: 

  1. Dual Ended Path Monitoring: UDP data trains
  2. Dual Ended diagnostics: Both data and voice measurements are based on ICMP packets, end to end measurements are based on UDP if the target is a monitoring point
  3. Voice Tests: These use RTP, RTCP and SIP/H.323(user choice) data
  4. Basic and Advanced Voice Assessments: ICMP packet trains to emulate voice traffic

Basic Voice Assessments are like diagnostics, since they run once and terminate upon completion. Advanced Voice Assessments are like continuous path monitoring, because they run for a preset duration.

You'll also find that Basic Voice Assessments check hop-by-hop like a diagnostic, whereas Advanced Voice Assessments don't work this way.

Our Voice/Video test signalling always uses SIP, even if the protocol is set to H.323 in the SaaS portal.