Unable to stop/disable SPM tests from Spectrum
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Unable to stop/disable SPM tests from Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I have multiple tests built up ahead to ping from my SS to endpoints that will be reachable in the near future.

I also have many built that are already working as required.

I am unable to find a way to stop the tests (that I KNOW will be unreachable since they are for future use) until those links go live.

Since they are the same event code I need to be able to disable the tests that are for the future while leaving the live ones in an enabled state right now.

I changed the Scheduled State to Disabled

I changed the State to Disabled

I highlighted on the tests themselves and clicked on the Stop Test Icon, and they seem to stop but only temporarily and then they start up again without interaction....


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Applications


- Edit the test and set it to Enabled

- Right mouse click on the test and select Stop (The Stop Test icon is greyed out in the "ASPM -> All Tests" search)

- Edit the test and set it to Disable