Uproc scripts not executed and status Completed in case of /tmp full
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Uproc scripts not executed and status Completed in case of /tmp full


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


On a Solaris System, where the Filesystems were not supervised, the /tmp became full.

As a result, there was a weird behavior on the Dollar Universe node that was running at that time, the Uproc scripts were not executed but the status of the jobs were Completed.

In the Job Log of each execution that failed, there would be the following kind of errors (in French):

/dollar_universe_path/bin/u_batch[7]: /tmp/sh22259.13: création impossible



Release : 6.x


OS: Unix/Linux only


Environment issue as /tmp filesystem was full

The u_batch tries to write into /tmp in case it cannot retrieve some variables, on this case, since the swap was full the variables values could not even be retrieved.

See a snippet of the u_batch below, in red a case that should never occur:

# Building launching execution script name


Product behavior in case of Swap filesystem (/tmp) is full is unpredicted.

Filesystem size should be supervised and under no circumstances /tmp should be full as even logon to the server or any system commands on an already opened session may be impossible.

Please reach out to your System Administrators to enable supervision of the critical file systems such as /tmp and the application related ones to avoid potential side-effects on the running applications.