SYSVIEW doesn't show RUCSA usage option
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SYSVIEW doesn't show RUCSA usage option


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Hi Team,

We have implemented RUCSA in our environment.

Using the STORAGE command the SYSVIEW Panel Storage doesn't show RUCSA usage or allocation.

Is there any new option to check RUCSA usage/allocation ?


Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


SYSVIEW 15.0 will tolerate the existence of RUCSA, but does not report on it.

Instead, RUCSA is grouped into CSA because this is what MVS is really doing under the covers.

SYSVIEW 16.0 plus PTF LU06155 was enhanced to logically separate CSA and RUCSA into separate metrics.

Several additional commands and data collection metrics were enhanced to show this at SYSVIEW 16.0 and newer.

The client would need to upgrade to 16.0 and apply supporting PTFs to see RUCSA usage.