Deliver - Bundle print is missing.
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Deliver - Bundle print is missing.


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Bundle prints are missing.


Release : 14.0

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The client's Deliver admin created a time dependency, in CA7, so that a bundle would be posted one hour after it was created. 

The client's print room saw the bundle creation job complete, but did not see the print job present in a timely manner. 

As a result, the print room contacted the programmer saying that the print was missing. 

The programmer ran a requeue process that did not use the bundle process, with it only printing a copy of the bundle that was stored in a View database. 

Later, the original bundle print appeared in the print room, and they deleted the print because they knew it was a duplicate, however, they did not inform the programmer of their doing so. 

Once the particulars of the above were analyzed, there were no more deletions of bundle prints.