CARA Linux Agent upgrade by "unchecking checkbox" fails to start
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CARA Linux Agent upgrade by "unchecking checkbox" fails to start


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CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We try to upgrade agent to version by unchecking the box Use new upgrade procedure for Linux agents, the agent is upgraded successfully but agent no longer “reachable”.

Same state after a restart… of agent service


Release : 6.7 and higher


OS: RedHat Linux (7.9.*)



From logs we can see upgrade started fine but it failed on various instances and it's mostly related to permission. Looks like some of the files are not owned by the user running the RA agent service.

ERROR  | jvm 4    | 2022/06/09 12:54:36.221 | Could not update Agent. Launching it without /opt/CA/ReleaseAutomationServer/NolioAgent/conf/ (Permission denied)


Follow step below for successful upgrade

  1. Rollback to previous version of agent and carry out below steps.
  2. Run command AGENT_INSTALL_DIR\ status # to get agent process PID
  3. Get the PID from step 2 and run the command ps -ef |grep <PID> # to get USER owning the process
  4. Run the command AGENT_INSTALL_DIR\ stop # to stop the agent service
  5. Identify the USER from step 3 and run the command groups USER # to get group user belongs to
  6. Get the GROUP from step 5 and USER from step 3 and run the command chown -R USER:GROUP AGENT_INSTALL_DIR
  7. Set RUN_AS_USER for this agent, refer to document section > Install Unix / Linux Agent to Run as Non-Root User for configurating the same.
  8. Run the command AGENT_INSTALL_DIR\ start # to start the agent service
  9. Try executing the upgrade once again from ROC