Issue making a Report for NTPERF
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Issue making a Report for NTPERF


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Installed NTPERF Probe & setup QoS metrics on 40+ servers. An application Team requested PerfMon metrics during a test that they ran.

I see the NTWindows Performance Dashboard, but this doesn't have an Export option.

How can we give them access to this QoS Data as a report or dashboard?

Here's how the data looks:





Release : UIM 20.3

Component : OC - Performance Report Designer


- Guidance (report creation using ntperf QoS data)


In UIM 20.4 in PRD, you can:

- Save a set of charts as a report to print or to view later
- Use the import and export features to share charts with other users

UIM 20.4 What's New and Release Notes

You also have the option of creating a custom CABI report.

You can leverage the use of the field-developed qos_views script ( it makes it easier and you can run a query to populate reports, for example:

select * from V_QOS_WIN_PERF


select source, target, origin, sampletime, samplevalue from V_QOS_WIN_PERF

qos_views script can be found in the community.

When additional qos is added, the script needs to be rerun to create the additional views.