All templates not imported with Application import
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All templates not imported with Application import


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


I exported and then imported one of my applications. The original application had 2 deployment template categories. After importing the application, the application only has 1 deployment template category. I need both. 



Release : 6.7.0.b81

Component : Datamanagement Server


A Shortcut Step (as seen on the far right side of the UI while viewing deployment templates) was present for a process that has since been deleted. 



In the source application (being exported), access the Deployment Category to view the Deployment Templates inside of it. View the details of one of the deployment templates. On the far right side of the UI, make sure that all of the Steps listed still exist. Deleting a process does not remove references to that process in the Steps Shortcut list. If the Steps Shortcut list includes a process that is no longer available, remove that shortcut. Then export/import again. 


Additional Information

It is worth noting that processes in the Steps Shortcut list that are still available, but not assigned to any environments in the application, does not cause problems when performing an import.