Concatenate VSAM files in an EZT program
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Concatenate VSAM files in an EZT program


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An EZT program was created with the input file DD concatenating 2 VSAM files. The execution receives an error.

IEC161I 025-082,


Release : 11.6



VSAM files cannot be concatenated, the error message detail follows:

IEC161I (return code 025)  rc[(sfi)]-ccc,jjj,sss,ddname,dev,ser,          
  For general information about message IEC161I, see the explanation for   
  return code 001.                                                         
  Specific information for this return code: Specific information for this 
  return code: An attempt was made to open concatenated VSAM data sets.    
  Concatenation of VSAM data sets is not supported. This error can also    
  occur if the TIOT contains old entries and has not been refreshed after  
  the data set has been moved. For example, in the case of a               
  DELETE/DEFINE/REPRO in the same step and using the OUTFILE parameter     
  instead of the OUTDATASET parameter (which causes the allocation         
  information to be refreshed).                                            
  System action                                                            
  Open processing is ended for the data set. The error flag (ACBERFLG) in  
  the ACB (access method block) for the data set is set to 188 (X'BC').    
  Programmer response                                                      
  Correct the JCL DD statement identified in the "ddn" field of the message
  by removing data set concatenation and rerun the JOB.     

Some other options to process 2 VSAM files:

-  Review Synchronized File Processing

-  Repro the VSAM files to sequential files, merge and sort them. Use the sequential file as input to the EZT program.

-  Detail on VSAM file options can be found:

    z/OS DFSMS Using Data Sets - IBM