DOWNLOAD CSV option in data model not available for some schemas
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DOWNLOAD CSV option in data model not available for some schemas


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


For some of our Data Models/Projects, we noticed that the "Actions" drop-down button is not available. As a result, the download CSV option, to download the tables/columns/tags that is a part of the data model, is missing.

Actually, the UI shows only the Button for "Run PII scan" and not the dropdown of other options. 


Release : 4.10

Component : TDM Web Portal


This is expected behavior only for DataModels, where the PII Scan was never run.

Once I run the PII Scan, I see the "Actions" drop-down and have the option to download the CSV.


From the provided Screenshot, we see there are PII items found for this Data Model, yet the Portal UI shows that the PII scan has not been run.

The customer confirmed that they dont run PII Scans on their Data Models through the TDM Portal UI. They have a custom Java Application, that calls various TDM RESTful APIs to set the Classifier Tags accordingly to the tables in each project.


If you are using the RESTful APIs and not the Portal UI, and seeing this same behavior, there is a fix provided in TDMWeb- You can contact Support and request the latest TDM Portal patch, or download the patch from