Screen Reader and Tooltip for Period Selector missing the word 'Period'
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Screen Reader and Tooltip for Period Selector missing the word 'Period'


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Accessibility. Currently, the Period Selector tooltip displays 'Previous' and 'Next' and the screen reader output includes 'Previous, button' and 'Next, button'.  It should include the word 'Period' to clearly identify the purpose of the buttons. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Access a grid that has Per-Period Metrics configured so that the scrollable period widget appears on the page 
    • This could be on the Project Grid or in a Module such as the Assignments Module shown below 
  2. Enable a Screen Reader 
  3. Navigate through the scrollable period widget and observe the tooltip and listen to the announcements from the screen reader 





Expected Results: Tooltip accessed via mouse hover or keyboard should display text.  Screen reader should announce 'Previous Period, button' and 'Next Period, button'. 

Actual Results: No Tooltip displayed. Screen reader announces 'Previous, button' and 'Next, button'. 


Release: 16.0.2 




Targeted Fix in Release 16.0.3 

  • The word 'Previous' and 'Next' have been added to the Tooltip and the Screen Reader will announce it properly