SECU005E user not authorized for IMSLIST command
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SECU005E user not authorized for IMSLIST command


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Having few SYSPLEX systems and each SYSPLEX ( 2 lpars ) shares the same CNM4BSEC dataset.
Adding a user to the ADMIN group on one of the lpars in the SYSPLEX, via SECURITY->User Groups->Admin->User IDs section->overwrite newuser.
From the system in the SYSPLEX that added the user to ADMIN group, the user has the ADMIN access.
But, on the other system in the same SYSPLEX, this user doesn't have the ADMIN access.
Since the systems in the SYSPLEX share the same CNM4BSEC dataset and this user is already defined as ADMIN, is there some SYNCHRONIZATION process that should be done?


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



The Security File is cached in a data space and is reloaded automatically when an update is made using the SECURITY command. If you are sharing Security File among multiple systems, the cached copy of the Security File on a system where the update did not occur is not reloaded automatically. To facilitate automatic updates to remote systems in the same Sysplex, update parmlib member SVWXSECC to include MODIFY RELOAD commands that can be routed to remote systems to reload the cache.

Here is a sample of the RELOAD command: 

Reloads the object specified. The RELOAD command has the following syntax:

MODIFY sysview,RELOAD object [parameters]
object Description parameters
SCFG Reloads the System Configuration data n/a

SECURITY Reloads security cache dsname
The dsname parm is optional. If specified, cache is reloaded only if dsname matches the name of the security dataset.

So the command should be:  


and the information message: 
GSVX998I (MAIN) SECU076I Security cache reload completed for dsnkey=your.SYSVIEW.CNM4BSEC