GSVX156E Invalid line command S. Use ?
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GSVX156E Invalid line command S. Use ?


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


In the MQ panels MQLIST MQCHAN MQQUEUE getting: 

GSVX156E Invalid line command S. Use ? for line command assistance when issuing S (Select). 


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



There are two causes of this error message: 

1. The support for SYSVIEW 16.0 and z/OS 2.5 is not applied. 

According to the Compatibility matrix, these two PTFs must be applied for the compatibility with z/OS 2.5. 
SYSVIEW Performance Management (CNM4G00)
LU02875    LU04328   

2. The GSVHLCMD member is missing in the CNM4BPRM library.

There is also this error message: 

GSV2328E*Read PARMLIB member GSVHLCMD failed. Member not found

This member was created by the PTF SO10853 so this PTF needs to be applied to get this member in the CNM4BPRM library.