UIM Integration with Ca Service desk
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UIM Integration with Ca Service desk


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are not able to do the test connection and ticket creation at ac Service desk and getting the below error message:-

sdgtw] Error while calling the createIncident of 'nimClient'java.lang.Exception: {"Error":{"ErrorCode":154,"ErrorMessage":"Exception occurred during operation createIncident","DetailErrorMessage":"Error setting attr 'category' on object 'cr:8923893' to value '1593278363' NOT FOUND 1593278363","HTTPResponseCode":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","HTTPResponseCodeValue":500}}


UIM : 20.3.3

Component : UIM - SDGTW


is an indication that you have a mapping that is incorrect between the fields in the UIM alarm and the required fields in the ticket you are attempting to create in your CASDM instance.  From the screenshot provided in your initial post, you are mapping the arrival time of the UIM alarm to the category field in the CASDM ticket and CASDM is rejecting this.  You need to work with your CASDM admin to determine which fields in the CASDM ticket must be provided and the supported values for these fields.  Then you need to map the appropriate UIM alarm field to the corresponding CASDM ticket field in the field mappings you have defined in the CASDM connection profile.