List of level set PTFs for IDMS 19.0
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List of level set PTFs for IDMS 19.0


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How can we get a list of all the PTFs numbers published for IDMS 19.0 to confirm we picked them all up and haven't missed any?



Release : 19.0
Component : IDMS/DB


To get a list of all published PTFs for IDMS 19.0 see the PREs for each of the Level Set PTFs published so far.
The Level Set PTF PREs all maintenance published up to the date the Level Set is published.

Level Set PTFs do not add any new functionality of their own or resolve problems. Their purpose is purely to use SMP/E to ensure that once they are applied, every PTF before them is also applied. It is a means of setting a consistent and known maintenance level.    

The Level Set PTFs published so far can be found at techdocs page Level Set PTFs.


For PTFs published after the latest Level Set, do a search in the support portal for solutions for IDMS MVS 19.0 published since the date of the latest Level Set PTF.
Note that if the IDMS 19.0 S1912 pax file was installed it will have all PTFs up to December 2019 so Level Set PTF 19.0.01 can be ignored.