Cannot login to Web Viewer 14.0
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Cannot login to Web Viewer 14.0


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Output Management Web Viewer


This is displayed in Web Viewer (Tomcat) log when logging on:        
CAHVS0116I User xxxxxxxx login requested                                               
WARN  SQL Error: 90097, SQLState: 90097                                                     
ERROR  The database is read only; SQL statement:                                             
delete from CV_MASTER.VIEW_USER where LST_ACTION<? Ý90097-199¨                                                                      


Release : 14.0

Component : Output Management Web Viewer


Write access to the Web Viewer Database is missing.


Locate the database in question, it is specified in the ConfigFile.cfg with


At earlier builds of Web Viewer, you will find a DBLOCATION parameter instead. 

The location of the ConfigFile.cfg is specified in the Tomcat log. Look for CAHVS0020I Parameter configuration file:

The id that the server (Tomcat task) is running as needs read and write access to the Web Viewer database