Text Fields Displays Backslash Newline Characters
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Text Fields Displays Backslash Newline Characters


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps To Reproduce:

1.Open Project > Status > Click status report
2. Select a field, e.g. Key Accomplishments
3. Enter the following text:

Targeted for end Mar\'22 delivery.
Delivery date proposal finalized with team 16Feb; agreed with 17-Feb Goal 1 28-Mar-2022;
Goal 2 31-Jul-2022 - project re-baselined to new schedule.
A initial alert (covering freeze period for Phase1 Goal1 and the key preparation activities)
for users was agree and sent out follow approval.

4. Click away from the field and review the contents.

Expected Results: There should be no new line characters (\\n)

Actual Results: New line characters appear (\\n)




In the above text, there is a reserved javascript function used i.e. 'alert()'  which is causing the issue. 


To fix this we can do following changes so that we can avoid using reserved keywords or functions.

1.change alert name 
2. add some text  between alert and (
3. you can change ( character to some thing else