How to create a watch to monitor Checkpoint HA State
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How to create a watch to monitor Checkpoint HA State


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We have an attribute "haState" for our checkpoint devices. This can either have "active" or "standby" as value.  How can we create a watch that triggers if the attribute "haState" changes? Just a change to either one of the states.

It seems a simple question but I don't see how I can put this into a watch in Spectrum.  I have found a similar question on the communities, but to me this is a very cumbersome procedure for having an alert on a simple value change.




Release : 21.2.x, 10.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER  SpectroWatch


How To /  Best Practice


Converted the expression from attribute names to attribute numbers as we have duplicate attribute names now in Spectrum.

Boolean Watch Expression

( ( ( ( ( ATTR(0xc41530) == "standby" ) & ( ATTR(0xc41532) == 1 ) ) | ( ( ATTR(0xc41530) == "active" ) & ( ATTR(0xc41532) == 2 ) ) ) | ( ATTR(0xc41530) == "initializing" ) ) | ( ATTR(0xc41530) == "Ready" ) )

Additional Information

All credit for this solution goes to Eleuthera Lewis from the Broadcom Communities from this post here



From his solution he has further explained it as


Here is my documentation on why and how this works. We have a large firewall environment and its been 100% accurate.

"checks active for nodes configured as primary and standby for nodes configured as secondary"
Primary reason this works: haIdentifier is hardcoded per FW
Why is this coded assembly style?
watch expressions do not allow string conversion. using boolean of a text compare is a way around this
Checks OIDS:
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.2620. haState (text-string of standby state)
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.2620. haIdentifier (integer of what firewall is configured to be, 1 for primary, 2 for secondary)
all possible combinations:
node-01 active 0*1+1*0+0+0 Result: 0
node-01 standby 0*1+1*0+0+0 Result: 1
node-01 ready 0*1+1*0+0+0 Result: 1
node-01 init 0*1+1*0+0+0 Result: 1
node-02 active 1*0+0*1+0+0 Result: 1
node-02 standby 0*0+1*1+0+0 Result: 0
node-02 ready 0*0+0*1+1+0 Result: 1
node-02 init 0*0+0*1+0+1 Result: 1