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GCP Login through Single Sign On is very slow.


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Clarity PPM SaaS


You are receiving reports of it taking a long time to get into Clarity.

Users report slowness in the application, but only when trying the initial login.

The user hits the URL and from there it goes to

and just stays here for a long time.

Other Symptoms:

The app-access logs report really long times to download .css and .js files.

client ip Timestamp URL Http Status Duration (milliseconds) Bytes Sent Session ID 22/Jun/2022:00:30:56 -0700 GET /pm/js/ppm-lib-optimized-dcb2a41089.min.js HTTP/1.1 200 1663412 263 - 22/Jun/2022:00:30:49 -0700 GET /niku/ui/uitk/gwt/ HTTP/1.1 200 499896 84 11399229__3475CC4D-D8C0-41E1-BC65-529AE3562607


Using Chrome Developer Tools there is a delay reflected on "".

For example:


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity with Single Sign On in a GCP environment


Your Identity Provider may be experiencing an issue or be overloaded.


Open a Support Case with Clarity Technical Support and also an Support ticket within your organization to check whether there are any IDP service disruptions.