Vantage Windows Client 12.7.871 and ActiveX component Actbar2.ocx
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Vantage Windows Client 12.7.871 and ActiveX component Actbar2.ocx


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Security checks are showing a hit against: 

Filename          : C:\Windows\SysWow64\Actbar2.ocx          
Installed version :                                 
After removal of this module we get:                                    

SRM-VAN-0382 Component Actbar2.ocx or one of its dependencies
not correctly registered a file is missing or invalid (339)  
occurred in Main Menu Show  

 All mentioned security vulnerabilities are related to Oracle Document Capture component in Oracle Fusion Middleware and and it's exploitable in combination with emsmtp.dll, empop3.dll and NCSEcw.dll, our Windows Client does not use or deliver any of these files.

To avoid this problem, this file was excluded from security processing.

Is there an updated Windows Client that does not require this file (such that we don't have to apply for another security waiver)? 

Filename          : C:\Windows\SysWow64\Actbar2.ocx          
Installed version :    



Release : 14.0

Component : Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The Actbar2.ocx is an ActiveX control that is used in Windows Client as a third-party UI component for creating menus and menu bars.  In other words this means that:

1 - Since it is a third-party component we cannot edit it.
2 - Since Windows Client is dependent on it for displaying the menus and menu bars we cannot remove it. 

The latest releases of Windows Client have no changes impacting the usage of Actbar2.ocx. Therefore, the latest Windows Client version still requires the Actbar2.ocx to function.