Sysview CAPTURE DSN getting created 14,612 entries in VTOC and CATALOG.
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Sysview CAPTURE DSN getting created 14,612 entries in VTOC and CATALOG.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We can see that SYSVIEW CAPTURE DSNs are getting created and due to that VTOC getting filled and CATALOG is also filling. Could you please assist us on how to control the allocations? 


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


From the CAPMAINT run that you sent in the CAPMAINT SUMMARY contained the following:
Index dataset                                                 
  Dsname                         HLQ.SYSVIEW.CAPINDEX.xxxx
  Volser                         Volser_name
  Index records                                               
    Total                               14,612                
    Selected                            14,612                
    Erase required                           0                
    Erased                                   0                
    Previously erased                        0                
    Erase failed                             0                
    Erase skipped                            0                
  Capture datasets                                            
    Found                               14,612                
    Not found                                0                
    Migrated                             5,170                
    Expired                                  0                
    Not expired                         14,612                
    Delete required                          0                
    Deleted                                  0                
    Previously deleted                       0                
    Delete failed                            0                
So there were no records set to be deleted.
If records were to be deleted and the attempt to delete any failed that would also be noted as well.
I believe that this is because you appear to be keeping the files that are getting created for 60 days.


Although I cannot address your question about how many days would be sufficient for you to set as the retention period I can assist you with updating the parameter.
Once you have made a decision on what to set the retention period as from a SYSVIEW session enter the commands:
Take note of the library where the member is coming from.
Get into an Edit session against that library and the CAPTURE member itself.
Update the AllocRetention to reflect the new number of days to retain the data.
Save the change.
Again from a SYSVIEW session enter the command:
Do a Find on CAPTURE
If the member is there issue the LineCmd
Once it has been reloaded Select the member.
Does it have the new AllocRetention period?
If so then from the SYSVIEW session enter the command:
Issue STOP against the SYSVUSER CAPTURE subtask.
Once the task has become INACTIVE issue START against the SYSVUSER CAPTURE subtask.
Get out of your SYSVIEW session and start a new session.
Once you are back into SYSVIEW issue the CAPPARMS command.
It should reflect the new Retention period.
One additional note:
If you use SITE libraries in your SystemConfiguration options member, put the UPDATED CAPTURE Parmlib member into that SITE library.