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Users viewing a Tooltip: Formatting is not honoring line breaks of the text entered for the Tooltip definition


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The Administrator can create a Tooltip with line breaks, yet when the end-user views the Tooltip on the Grid Header or on the Details Fly-out or on the Properties page, the formatting is not honoring the line breaks.  

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Navigate in MUX to Administration, Attributes 

2. Create a Tooltip on any field with the following text: 

This is field which can be used for:
a) grouping 
b) testing 
c) sorting

3. Go to a grid, details fly-out or properties page where you can see the Tooltip icon

4. Hover over the icon and view the text 


Expected Results: To the end-user, the text should appear as it was defined by the Administrator with the line breaks. 

Actual Results: To the end-user, the text appears without line breaks. It shows as one line wrapped to fit the bubble.  This is field which can be used for: a) grouping b) testing c) sorting

Workaround: None. 


How the Administrator defined the Tooltip text: 



How the end-user sees the Tooltip text:  



Release 16.0.2 


DE65527 - CSS needed to honor line breaks(\n) in tooltip was missing. 


DE65527 - Fixed in Release 16.0.3