WEBUI - How can I assign user views to a different user ID?
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WEBUI - How can I assign user views to a different user ID?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


MTC-M 14.0.07

User IDs have been changed at our site. I have created many user views. What are the steps to easily assign/change a different ID to all of my user views? The User View Management tool only renames users views.


Release : 14.1

Component : Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The User Views on the PC side can be imported on the Web side, where the new userid is logged into on the Web side, and the import process specifies the location of the Microsoft Access Database on the PC side (found in the Vantage 'Central / Backup' folder).  The userid that is selected for the Import process is the userid which is to be associated with the User Views (and is NOT the original owner of the User Views on the PC side).  Also, sharing of these User Views on the Web side can be done by creating a 'Public' dashboard, from which other users can then access it, and then the dashboard view can be saved as a new User View for that alternate user (note that others cannot directly see or alter UV's of someone else - they need to be created in this manner to be used/shared by others).