Issuing CA7 commands without Logging into CA7
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Issuing CA7 commands without Logging into CA7


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Currently we use the OPSCA7 command to login to CA7 and issue commands but the Userid and Password passed to CA7 is hard-coded in our EXEC.

Can I interface to CA7 (it uses external security) without logging in like using ENF or the CA7SVC?

Our security group is complaining about this parm.

I guess we could always move this exec into a library that only OPSMVS has access to.


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


If access to CA7 is secured, then there is no method available to circumvent the userid/password credentials required for CA7SRV or by setting up the ADDRESS CA7 environment. 

A workaround that might be acceptable to security administration is setting a global variable in OPS/MVS that contains the CA7 logon userid and password string, and then substitute the global variable in place of that string in the REXX exec so the hard-coded logon information is not in plain sight in the PDS member. 

Another option as mentioned in the introduction would be to move the REXX exec containing the hard-coded CA7 logon information to a library accessible only by OPS/MVS.