Dispatch - Dispatch task is failing with SEA1
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Dispatch - Dispatch task is failing with SEA1


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We have a Dispatch task that is failing with a SEA1 error, and we are unable to start it.


Release : 11.7

Component :


Possible causes for the SEA1 condition are:

 . Some type of APF authorization problem related to the Dispatch or other Dispatch STC concatenated load library. 
 . Some type of change related to the storage key (CVKEY) being used by Dispatch. (Default is CVKEY=08).
 . Not having Dispatch PTF RO40492 applied. 
 . Upgrading the CPU and not having the required Dispatch compatibility maintenance applied. (APAR# SO00970 and SO00682).
 . High CPU using AFP resources in PDSE data sets. 
 . An Automation process or Operator had issued a Purge and then a Cancel of the active Dispatch task. 


The CVKEY point above, which had been changed for another product, is what caused the client's issue. 
They backed out the changes they made regarding the CVKEY, and the Dispatch task was able to be brought up.