LinPE Support and Access to Files
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LinPE Support and Access to Files


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Deployment Solution


Starting with Deployment Solution 8.6 RU3, LinPE will no longer be delivered as part of DS installation.


Deployment Solution 8.6 RU3 and later


Starting with Deployment Solution (DS) 8.6 RU3, a User needs to download Linux GPL files independently.


For 8.6 RU3 and 8.7 GA - download

For 8.7.1 - Download

For 8.7.2 - Download

There will be no new 32-bit version for Deployment Solution (DS), because starting from ITMS 8.7 RTM only 64-bit Linux is supported.

NOTE Each product version can use only supported FRM version as in table below.

8.6 RU3/8.7 FRM build 11008
8.7.1 FRM build 11012
8.7.2 FRM build 11013
Extract the attached zip file and place both extracted frm2 files in predefined folder (<product installation folder>\Deployment\Linux_gpl) and then run import:
  1. Download required GPL files(.FRM2) attached to this KB article and put them to the following location:  <product installation folder>\Deployment\Linux_gpl
  2. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings menu, click Deployment > Manage Preboot Configurations.

  3. In the Manage Preboot Configurations dialog box expand Preboot Environment Settings.
  4. For the Preboot Environment Settings drop-down list, select Linux. The dialog updates to display additional options.
  5. Select the required version of the FRM2 files from dropdown and then click "Click here to import Linux GPL".
    The drop-down shows a list of available versions that are not currently imported and that are located in the \Deployment\Linux_gpl\ folder. This import process may take a few minutes.


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