visualStaffing Module Missing 'Starred' Attribute
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visualStaffing Module Missing 'Starred' Attribute


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The Allocations Timeline indicates the 'Starred' attribute is missing from the Resources Histogram. 

Because it is missing, it throws the message: Conditions referring to deleted or deactivated attributes have been removed

Steps To Reproduce: 

  1. Go to the Modern UX, Resources Workspace, Resources 
  2. From the grid, column panel, add the 'Starred' field as a column and mark some resources 'Starred'
    • This will cause the 'Starred' field to become available in the Filter Section of the Allocations Timeline, bottom pane, Resources Histogram 
    • If you skip these first 2 steps you may not see the 'Starred' field in the Allocations Timeline, Resource Histogram pane 
  3. Go to the Staffing Workspace, Allocations Timeline (server/pm/#/visualStaffing) 
  4. On the bottom pane, Resources Histogram, Filter Section, pick the 'Starred' field and set the criteria to 'Yes' 
  5. Save this View and keep it as your current view "My Starred View" 
  6. Log out and Log in again 
  7. Go to the Allocations Timeline again and use the saved view 

Expected Results: In Step 2, the user should NOT even be able to see the 'Starred' field on the Filter Section. But because it becomes available once the user 'activates' it by using it in the Resources Workspace, the user expects it to work and remain available as part of the saved view. 


Actual Results: A blue Toast Message appears: 'Conditions referring to deleted or deactivated attributes have been removed' because the 'Starred' resource field is being removed. The saved view does not have the 'Starred' field anymore in the Filter Section.  Also, if the user tries to create a new saved view, the 'Starred' field won't show in the Filter pull-down. 


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


This is resolved in 16.1.2.

This was originally tracked as DE65767.