System services on AppNeta Monitoring Point
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System services on AppNeta Monitoring Point


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AppNeta DX NetOps


If you are in command line of your AppNeta Monitoring Point, you may wish to restart certain services from command line instead of returning to the webui of the appliance.


The commands require sudo privilege.  Please note that disabling services should not be performed unless working directly with a support team member.  

The commands should all be ran as sudo.

  • The tunnel restart command will re-establish a path with the AppNeta Portal;

sudo systemctl restart pathview-ssl-tunnel

  • The Pathview-Sequencer is responsible for Delivery Paths to various targets.  This command could be issued to restart Delivery paths.:

sudo systemctl restart pathview-sequencer.service

  • Networking services can be restarted with the following command.  If you are connected remotely to the monitoring point, you may be disconnected when the networking services are restarting. 

sudo systemctl restart networking

  • This command can be used to restart NTP services:

sudo systemctl restart pathview-ntp.service

Additional Information

In the event you encounter problems from restarting services, performing a power cycle or rebooting the monitoring point should restore all services.

Additional Service control also exists through the API of the appliance: