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Using ElasticSearch Head to review Search Server content


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ElasticSearch is the backend functionality behind the CA SearchServer component for xFlow and Service Plus.  Whenever information from Service Desk or Catalog are to be displayed within xFlow or Service Plus, the CA SearchServer component will provide the search indexing that the xFlow Search Microservice will interface to quickly obtain such information.

On occasion, it may be helpful to directly view the content that Search Server has available in its indexes.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - xFlow


- Install Multi Elasticsearch Head.  One can download the add-on from this location (accurate at the time of this writing)

- Once the plugin is installed, access the extension as shown below:

-  Click New to create a connection to a given Search Server.  URL should be of the form "http://SEARCH-SERVER:9012/"

Search Server stores content for access to the xFlow Search Microservice through the Search Server indexes.  A way to troubleshoot what content is being served to xFlow via Search Server is to probe the contents of the indexes.  

For instance, one may want to see what Service Desk categories are being presented in xFlow.  To view such content via the ElasticSearch Head:

- Click on the "Browser" tab

- Under "Indices" on the left side of the page, locate the object under "Types" that is of interest, which in this case, is the "pcat" object.

- Optionally, one can choose the specific index that the content resides.  In this case, it is the "sdm_index_XXXX" index.

This screencap below shows all of the categories that are stored in ElasticSearch under the given index via the above.  There are 10 categories which may potentially be displayed for end users in xFlow/Service Point.