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Excessive Events of type "Device of type xxxxxxxxxx has reported a network topology change."


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DX NetOps


We have detected a device that is sending excessive traps of 600 per 5 minutes.  When a device has starts
  doing this it is normally easy to fix. We look at the events and host configurations, see that they made a
  change that coincides with the event, and notify the device owner. This one is strange though and I am unsure
  how to fix it. It keeps repeating:

 "Device of type xxxxxxxx has reported a network topology change."


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Trap Exploder


These events are generated from (Spanning Tree) BRIDGE-MIB TopologyChange Traps



topologyChange TRAP-TYPE
 "A topologyChange trap is sent by a bridge when
                      any of its configured ports transitions from the
                      Learning state to the Forwarding state, or from
                      the Forwarding state to the Blocking state.  The
                      trap is not sent if a newRoot trap is sent for the
                      same transition.  Implementation of this trap is


  {d "%w- %d %m-, %Y - %T"} {m} of type {t} has reported a network topology change (event [{e}]).

0x000d0002 E 50 A 1, 0x000d0002

# *** rfc1493 - New Root and Topology Change Traps ***    0x000d0001    0x000d0002


The device would need to be configured to stop sending topologyChange ( notification traps.