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Spectrum alarms correlation with OI does not match


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum alarms correlation with OI is not working. SPD is unable to reconcile alarms correctly if SpectrumServer runs in HA mode.
The alarm match could be corrected only by removing a field from DataPublisher but still some alarms closed on DX platfom are not being cleared from Spectrum.

This scenario can be observed when Spectro Servers are running in HA mode. When Spectro server restarts alarms are created. While switching secondary SS server and after 2 minutes primary SS should be up. After such SS failover alarms will be cleared from spectrum but can still remain on DX. 


DX OI 21.3.1 
Spectrum 21.2.4
Spectrum One-click


Currently Spectrum Data Publisher (SPUB) fetches the Alarms/NCM/Topology data from OneClick server and pushes to OI. Please refer the diagram below. 

SPUB  don’t maintain the SpectroServer (SS)  status to decide whether to push this data to OI. 


There is an enhancement request currently under consideration by our Product Management team. As part of this enhancement, SPUB will leverage heartbeat API to know the SS state (up/down/switchover) and decide accordingly to retain the alarm push of the particular SS which is down.

Only the restart of the Data publisher can help to sync the alarms in this scenario.

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