IPL after LU01111 or LU01112 ?
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IPL after LU01111 or LU01112 ?


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Is an IPL necessary after applying LU01111 or LU01112?

Is it possible to apply LU01111 or LU01112 before having JES2 2.3 service level 5  or JES2 2.4 service level 3?



Release : 15.0

Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


It is not necessary to IPL after applying LU01111 or LU01112.

Just recycle Sysview once the new modules are available in the SYSVIEW Loadlib.


The fixes LU01111 and LU01112 add 2 new modules (GSVBJ235 and GSVBJ243) to the loadlib of SYSVIEW to support the new JES2 service levels.  

JES2 2.3 service level 5                                              

JES2 2.4 service level 3     

Having the new modules in the loadlib of SYSVIEW before JES2 2.3 is at service level 5 or JES2 2.4 is at service level 3 will not hurt anything.

If SYSVIEW does not need the new modules, it will not search for them.