Tracking Microsoft RDS CALS Licenses
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Tracking Microsoft RDS CALS Licenses


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IT Management Suite


The customer is trying to track Microsoft RDS CALS Licenses.


Do we support tracking Microsoft RDS CALS Licenses?


Use Case:

Customer is using Microsoft RDS (Remote Desktop Services) CALs (Client Access Licenses).
They overutilized the license and used a 3rd party product to view the licenses compliance
They need a way to track servers in RDS mode, clients using up the license, actual license servers details, and amount of available/used licenses.


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


Currently ITMS doesn't provide an easy way to track "Microsoft RDS CALS Licenses" usage as of ITMS 8.6 RU3 release.
Currently we do not detect that some service is a RDS service (but we can do that based on "services" that we collects with "basic inventory"), nor we do have any mechanism that can detect that a client "uses" the license.

Currently, this is considered as a "Feature Request". At this point this use case has been added to our list of feature requests for future releases. There will not be immediate changes forthcoming until our Dev team and Product Management decides the benefit of this feature.  
We currently don't provide this feature as part of our product at this moment and further considerations will be discussed by our Engineering team on how and when if this could be added to our product in a later release.




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