Whitelist not updating on Agents
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Whitelist not updating on Agents


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Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite - When updating the CommandWhitelist.ini file, it is not getting updated on Agents. When running a job it is reporting that the whitelist is not updated.

When we try to scan Ubuntu 20 we are getting error the SSHD command is not in whitelist. We integrated that command to the whitelist but the same error still appear. 



Release : 12.5.1-12.6



There is a known defect where if the ManagerManifestFile.xml on the CCS Manager(s) has certain entries, will cause the Manager to not update this file with the new version.

Which is now the Agent verifies if there is a new version to download during each data collection job.


There is a private fix that has been released to address this issue.

Please contact support so you can get the correct fix for the version of CCS that you are are running.