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Spectrum topology does not match with DX topology


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DX Operational Intelligence


When using the latest versions of the Spectrum and DX platform there were some devices connected to the Spectrum that are not connected to the DX platform. The Spectrum topology should be recreated accordingly in the DX platform but some vertices were missing. 


DX Operational Intelligence  21.3.1
Spectrum One-click


The reason why the relationship is not seen is because of one of the following reasons:
1. The hidden attribute is missing in the red thin line 
2. The Red Thick line is missing. 


 1. Scaled-down Topology processor. 
 2. Removed all the ACN vertices 
 3. Updated remediator frequency  to  5mins
 4. Scaled up topology processor -  
               - waited for the topology processor to clean up the dangling relationships and hidden attributes.
               - waited for compaction to be completed. 
5 . Checked the topology in the UI. It's coming up.


6. Reset the remediator job frequency back to 1 hour ( 3600000)

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