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Cluster probe initialisation fails if a dash (-) is in the resource name


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


When cluster probe version >3.50 is deployed (eg 3.71) then when the initial configuration is done it creates the groups and nodes for the cluster based on the cluster type and name selected from the list.

However, although the gui correctly identifies the full name of the cluster (eg andy-fileshare), when it saves the configuration if any of the names have a dash (-) in them then the name is truncated to the part before the dash and various internal variables are filled incorrectly so that the cluster name is one of the parts after the dash. 

This means that the configuration file has invalid and incorrect information it and the cluster probe fails to work or register correctly as it is using the wrong names.

If the cluster.cfg is updated with the correct names for nodes, clusters and resources/groups then the probe will start correctly and then it is possible to get the other cluster-aware probes to register with the cluster probe.

If the probe version is <=3.50 then the initialization is done correctly (the cfg file written with the correct names including the dash) and the probe registers automatically with the other cluster-aware probes.  If a v3.50 probe is upgraded to v3.71 then the updated probe continues to work correctly.

Thus it seems that the v3.70+ probes do not do the initialization correctly


Release : 20.4

Component : UIM - CLUSTER


Probe Defect


The attached cluster v3.71-D1 hotfix resolves this issue.


cluster-3.71-D1 (2) get_app