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Error code = [79] - No info could be read for "-p"


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CA Configuration Automation


Failed to execute command. Error code = [79] and Error message = [(No info could be read for "-p": geteuid()=1595170180 but you should be root.)]')'
appears in the log


CA Configuration Automation 12.9


To resolve the above issue, please follow the below steps.

1. Click the Network -> Network Scan Policies
2. Make a copy of Ping Sweep Scan with Soft agent network scan policy
3. Click the copy of Ping Sweep Scan with Soft agent and choose the Discovery Options tab
4. In the Discovery Options panel, Check the Enable use of sudo
5. Save the policy.
6. Choose this scan policy to the Linux network Profile


With the above steps it will fetch the open ports information. In case if the ports information are still not displayed, below issue may cause the problem.
Issue with the "alias" command.
Execute the alias command in shell and see below output is displayed
alias grep='grep --color=auto'
If above output is not displayed please ignore the below steps otherwise follow the below steps:
This "alias grep='grep --color=auto'" is causing an issue while execute this command /usr/bin/sudo -V  | alias grep='grep --color=auto' version
To avoid the below error:
NDG-ND-8030: Failed to execute command. Error code = [40] and Error message = [bash: line 0: alias: version: not found]')
Please follow below steps:
1. Permanently remove this alias "alias grep='grep --color=auto'" from the user profile.
2. Open user specific profile : vim ~/.bashrc
3. add this command: unalias grep
4. source ~/.bashrc
Note: Only remove this specific  alias grep='grep --color=auto permanently from the user profile
Follow the above steps to remove permanently alias grep from the bashrc profile. If this alias is present in a different profile, please remove that specific alias.
After performing the above steps now run the Linux Network Profile. Now Open Ports information should be displayed