Reporter and Dollar Universe Explorer coexist in version 7
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Reporter and Dollar Universe Explorer coexist in version 7


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We were informed during the Roadmap that Dollar Universe Explorer 7 is meant to replace Reporter but we haven't seen any reference to the extraction of the Job Logs.

Is this something available in Dollar Universe Explorer?

If it does not, can we use both Reporter 6.10.x and Dollar Universe Explorer 7.x on the same UVMS to extract the executions from the nodes?


Release : 7.0.x

Component : Dollar Universe Explorer 


Dollar Universe Explorer does not replace completely Reporter Server as it just extracts the Execution Statistics from the Dollar Universe nodes.

Some additional information can only be extracted with Reporter Server, such as the Job Logs, History Traces, Intervention History and Audit Trail from the nodes.

If this information is required you can use Reporter 6.10.101 or superior in a UVMS 7.x and have both Reporter Server and Dollar Universe Explorer 7.x running at the same time.

Reporter versions inferior to 6.10.101 cannot connect to a UVMS 6.10.101+ or 7.0.x due to some authentication changes introduced in these versions.