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Unexpected behavior for alarm Next hop-unreachable in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


We are seeing some unexpected behave in the Next hop-unreachable alarm where the actual status is Next hop IP is reachable. 



Release : 21.2

Component :


Looking at the events, the following matches based on timing and severity

Critical Jun 1, 2022 4:04:35 PM IST <device name> A "spsNotifyAlarm" event has occurred, from GnSNMPDev device, named <device name>.

A notification that the system has just generated and alarm.

spsActiveAlarmSource = <device name>
spsActiveAlarmSource.spsActiveAlarmIndex = 1
spsActiveAlarmSeverity = major
spsActiveAlarmDescr = Next-hop unreachable
0xfff00007 System     GnSNMPDev 10

the event type is 0xfff00007, which is a custom event.


You will need to speak with whomever created this event and ask them to fix it.  This is not something Spectrum support can help you with as we are not familiar with it how it should work and we only deal with out of the box functionality.