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Gateway Executing background policy for scheduled task Move Metrics Data Off Box Task Error


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Executing background policy for scheduled task Move Metrics Data Off Box Task

Error logged to TSSG log:

Problem routing to https://xxxxxxx:9443/datalake/f816d6bc-a15d-4514-b619-fde634b8b2fd/e785dcc7d1e14cf1abbd7945457c794e. Error msg: Unable to obtain HTTP response from https://xxxxxxx:9443/datalake/f816d6bc-a15d-4514-b619-fde634b8b2fd/e785dcc7d1e14cf1abbd7945457c794e: The target server failed to respond



Release : 4.5

Component : API Portal



Check the "Spread limit over" option with 1 second window in rate limit assertion of /datalake API policy.

Move Metrics Data Off Box scheduled task on TSSG started to run without any errors.


To perform the above changes to the /datalake API policy you would have to connect to the ingress container using Policy Manager.

Steps to connect to portal_apim (ingress) container:

      1. In the Portal VM, run the following docker command to open up the port for PSSG: 

docker service update --publish-add "8443:8443" portal_pssg --detach=fals

      2. Get the gateway admin user credentials by running the following command 

docker inspect <ID of the PSSG container> | grep SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD 

      3. You can run the following command to obtain the id of the pssg container 

sudo -s docker ps --format "{{.ID}} {{.Image}} {{.Names}}" | grep -i pssg 

Install/use 9.4 policy manager and access the INGRESS using the following credentials: 

username: admin
password: the return value from Step #2 //You will probably need to change the password upon first login 
Gateway: <Portal VM hostname or IP>:8443 
  • For security reasons be sure to remove the added port after the changes above have been made
          docker service update --publish-rm "8443:8443" portal_pssg --detach=false


NOTE: If the ingress or the complete portal container stack is restarted, the above change to the rate limit assertion will be reverted.



Additional Information

This issue has been fixed in Portal 5.0.2