Is there a way to collect Windows performance (perfmon) metrics in UIM
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Is there a way to collect Windows performance (perfmon) metrics in UIM


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We received a request from an App team to collect Windows perfmon metrics.
  • Memory\Available MBytes
  • Memory\Page Faults/sec
  • Network Adapter\vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter\Bytes Sent/sec
  • Network Adapter\vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter\Bytes Total/sec
  • Network Adapter\vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter\Current Bandwidth
  • Network Adapter\vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter\Output Queue Length
  • PhysicalDisk\_Total\% Disk Time
  • PhysicalDisk\_Total\Avg. Disk Queue Length
  • PhysicalDisk\_Total\Current Disk Queue Length
  • Processor\_Total\% Processor Time
  • Terminal Services\Active Sessions
  • Terminal Services\Inactive Sessions
  • Terminal Services\Total Sessions
Then I noticed that the perfmon probe states:
perfmon (System Performance Engine Monitoring)
Last Updated June 10, 2022
The System Performance Engine Monitoring (perfmon) probe remotely retrieves performance counter values from a set of Windows computers. 
The probes that use perfmon to monitor Windows performance counters are as follows:
The probe automatically retrieves the values for the associated probe that is deployed in the robot. The associated probes then use these values to generate applicable QoS data and alarms.
The perfmon probe does not generate any QoS. Therefore, there are no probe QoS metrics to be configured for this probe.
I just want to make sure I don't miss anything, so my question is:
Is there any other method to collect those in QoS, or it this not supported by UIM?


Release : 20.3.2

Component : UIM NTPERF


- Guidance


During installation on 64-bit Windows, both ntperf and ntperf64 are installed. If its a 64-bit system use ntperf64.

Add an ntperf profile and configure it for QOS/Alarms. QOS collection is supported.

Note that you'll only be able to see and configure the probe for objects that are present on the local Windows server where you deployed the probe.

Additional Information

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